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Simple and FUN
Weight Lifting Routines 10 mins or Less

Do you feel like you don’t have the time to fit fitness into your busy lifestyle?

Have you been wanting to build strength and muscle but struggle with staying consistent?

Now, with our Simple and Fun Weight Lifting Routines 10 mins or less, you can finally achieve the results you’ve always wanted!

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As a midlife woman wanting to improve her health, these weightlifting exercises provide a simple and fun method to strengthen your body.

Our commitment is to give you an achievable plan that fits comfortably within your schedule without leaving you exhausted after each session.

Start feeling energized, inspired and accomplished today!

Coach Jenn Brango
Coach Jenn Brango, iPEC Accredited Life Coach

This comprehensive program offers tailor-made workout routines that can be completed in as little as 5 minutes. You won’t need any complicated gym equipment -just a set of dumbbells! Our 10-minute routines will help energize your body while enabling you to accomplish impressive goals through consistency. Working out in short bursts throughout the week is not only an effective way of building strength, it helps keeps things exciting and fresh.

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